Innovating and evolving: the history of our company

Since its inception in 2010, Beitech has been finding and enabling talented developers to help its clients succeed. The company was founded by two experienced programmers who began their careers as developers and then gained proficiency in the software development industry, including team leadership, highly efficient distributed systems, and agile methodologies. They sought to create a vibrant environment for creativity and professional growth, where they could use their skills to help clients succeed.

Officially launching its operations in 2012, Beitech has gained experience in the complete range of e-commerce, including the development and design of online stores and catalogues as well as the integration of payment and logistics systems. The company has also worked closely with payment gateways to improve their tools and processes, enhancing user experience, security, and performance for its clients. Beitech has mastered the outsourcing model, providing clients with teams that they can lead to enhance their capacity or delegating the development of projects completely.

Beitech has completed a wide range of projects for clients in the public and private sectors across America and Europe. In recent years, the company has remained dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological developments, and is now well-positioned to help companies looking to adapt to new technologies, including artificial intelligence, and achieve their business goals.

Beitech SAS provides top-quality software development services and fosters a positive and supportive environment for its employees. This commitment has helped the company to establish itself as a provider of software development services that attracts and retains the most talented developers. It continues to be a driving force behind the company’s success.

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