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We are headhunters in search of engineers with the characteristics that you need, no matter that they are working, we look for them and we put them in contact with your company.


We provide your organization personal for vacancies that are difficult to fill,  in this way we get people who adapt easily to the organizational culture of your company and who meet the quality levels you are requesting.

Insourcing e Outsourcing

We provide you with a team of engineers,  comprised of a team leader and quality engineer or testing  
(If required).

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How do we do it?

Proveedores de Talento TI I Headhunting- Staffing-Insourcing

Our Solicitation

We establish the profile of the engineer to fulfil with the requirements of the technology leader or whomever is in charge of the selection process. In this profile we take into account eligibility criteria such as personality, necessary knowledge and logical skills. We carry out the engineer’s search, apply the relevant tests to define their technical, attitudinal and practical skills, and finally, only the best are chosen.

Proveedores de Talento TI

We select

We perform highly strict admission tests to hire engineers with exceptional capacities for the required position.  These tests include interviews with technology leaders and practical tests. We verify more than technical skills; we look for problem solving capabilities to include abstract reasoning , utilizing our highly trained staff in different IT profiles.


We supervise

We monitor the performance of the engineer, to verify that the hiring process has been successful, and the engineer is integrated into the process carried out by the company at an interpersonal level and within the development team.  Beitech offers a guarantee after hiring, to make changes in the hired personnel.

Contact us for consultation and assessment

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Cellphone: 316  534 0661


Proveedores de Talento TI

Cellphone: 300 622 0591


Our specialties

  • Renovation of interfaces using Angular JS using REST services architecture.
  • Development of Mobile Applications using REST services architecture.
  • Analysis and optimization of the response times of software applications, better experience for your client.
  • Increase response speed of applications in their different layers
  • Consulting in Architecture based on REST services.