PayU Contrataciones

We arrived at PayU in September 2014 with a group of engineers to develop the checkout of the payment platform in Latam.  It was a very big challenge because of the responsibility of the project and the skills required by our team to carry it out. After a few months, PayU requested the expansion of the development team because, due to the good results, they wanted us to develop more projects.

We currently depend on more than 14 development engineers at PayU, who are performing the Secure and Checkout of this company.


  • Increase purchases made by users of electronic payments.
  • Have a more agile and friendly shopping gateway with buyers.
  • Implement more flexible technologies to quickly implement changes for the benefit of buyers.


  • Make the payment gateway friendly with all available devices, smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Focus on increasing the ease of use of the payment gateway.
  • Implement angular JS of google, to implement easier and more agile requirements to improve the probability of purchase.


  • Transactions with smartphones and tablets increased significantly.
  • Transactions in traditional computers increased compared to the previous years, beyond expectation.
  • There are no technological problems for the development team when a functionality is requested that can improve the user experience.

Beitech has been very helpful in developing our Checkout. Their help to get the profiles we need has been invaluable, because they managed to integrate a solid team of engineers, which has allowed us to cover all the roles that we required.