About us

In the year 2010, Fredys Romero and John Salazar held a talk about their professional lives. Nothing that they had already gone through the different phases of a systems engineer’s work (from junior development engineers to technology leaders), they felt that they were ready to take the next step: set up their own company.

It was not an easy decision but Fredys and John were optimistic and decided to move forward with their business idea. At first they did it by looking for clients to carry out software development and later they built mitiendaya.com, which is a virtual store service.

In the year 2012, they formed the Beitech SAS company. Today Beitech has clients in Colombia and abroad, including Icetex, Dimar and PayU Latam, which is the most widely used electronic payment gateway in the country, developing the Secure and Web Checkout with a team of more than 14 engineers

Some images of our team

Beitech is different because our human talent
is really committed to our customers.

John Salazar, co-founder of Beitech