Hiring of Systems Engineers:


We are headhunters in search of engineers with the characteristics that you need, no matter that they are working, we look for them and we put them in contact with your company.


We provide your organization personal for vacancies that are difficult to fill, in this way we get people who adapt easily to the organizational culture of your company and who meet the quality levels you are requesting.

Insourcing – Outsourcing

We provide you with a team of engineers  comprised of a team leader and quality engineer or testing (Size requirement).

Beitech - Contrataciones de Ingenieros de Sistemas I Headhunting, Staffing
We generate an execution plan according to the needs and requirements that your company requires, our team uses the Scrum methodology.
We plan, develop, execute and deliver with commitment and efficiency for optimal results.
Contrataciones de ingenieros de sistemas
We understand the needs and expectations of your business, promoting innovation, competitiveness and technological development.
We have experienced experts in:
We are suppliers of highly trained human resources
These are some of the profiles we can offer you:
Headhunting, Staffing, Insourcing

Frontend Engineer

Contrataciones de Ingenieros de sistemas

Test Engineer

Beitech Headhunting, staffing e insourcing
SharePoint Developer
Contrataciones de Ingenieros de sistemas I Headhunting, Staffing, Insourcing

Java Developer

Beitech Contrataciones de Ingenieros
Angular Engineer
Contrataciones headhunting

PHP Engineer

We have a team of Human Resource professionals and technology experts , focused on attracting IT talent that maximizes the development and performance of the projects required by your company.

We build more than a team, we establish a family of experts and talent innovators, insuring the augmentation of the technical and attitudinal skills of our staff, accompanied by the experience of our human resources team who provide the necessary tools to achieve the designated objectives and requirements, additionally to achieve productivity in our talents, we perform different wellness activities to break routine and enjoy spaces with our partners and colleagues.

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